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About Panacea

<Panacea> was formed after we decided to reform our old guild <ITSWL>, in order to give the guild a more professional and streamlined look, so we would be able to attract the top-end players we wanted to become the best guild on the server.

We are now established as the clear-cut #1 PVE guild on the Feenix Archangel server, and thats a position we intend to keep all the way to Kil'jaeden! Along with that we also have players in a large majority of all the top arena teams.

Our core of members are from all around the world, primarily from EU time zones though, with quite a few of us having experience from some of the better WoW-retail guilds, and extensive gaming experience in general.

We are allways looking for new players who share our goal and ambition, to be the best guild possible. We aim to have a fun, positive, respectful and competive environment in the guild so everyone will feel appreciated and welcome.

Best regards the <Panacea> guild management.